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本文采用golang实现wget基础功能,支持文件多线程下载,支持文件多线程续传功能,同时加入了AOI机制,您可以实现自己感兴趣的AOI来爬取您所需的^_^,AOI意思就是anything of interst in web or area of interst in game.


go get


gowget version: gowget/1.0.0
Usage: gowget [-VhrH] [-v -p -nv -np] [-o=path] url

  -H    go to foreign hosts when recursive.
  -I string
        list of allowed directories.
  -V    display the version of gowget.
  -X string
        list of excluded directories.
  -h    print this help.
        don't ascend to the parent directory.
        turn off verboseness, without being quiet.
  -o string
        save directory.
  -p    include parent when recursive. (default true)
  -r    specify recursive download.
  -v    be verbose(this is the default). (default true)